Turn ideas into software. Instantly.

For 80 years, software construction methods have only advanced incrementally. That's about to change. Through a marvel of engineering, we've discovered a way to bypass the entire process. Blank algorithmically turns everyone's ideas into software that can rival the YouTubes and AirBnBs of the world.

Blank is a solution to many of the most pressing challenges of our time.

Each day that passes, the problems surrounding the technology industry are becoming more apparent. We can see top-end technical talent becoming more and more expensive. Yet top-end talent is becoming more and more of a requirement in order to build a tech-enabled business, which is slowly becoming every business.

We move to enterprises, and find the vast majority of them riddled with endless inefficiencies where a custom software-based solution is possible, but the economics don't support it's construction. Tech monopolies have organized themselves in such a way that smaller, more niched players are prevented from entering the market. Content deemed too controversial in the opinion of powerful forces is being heavily censored. The list goes on.

Top-heavy dominance hierarchies lead to the destabilization of a society, which is where we're headed if these problems aren't addressed. And no, this isn't hyperbole.

Build at the speed of thought.

We're building the tools that will lay the foundation for the next era of technology-based problem-solving.

Today's software solutions consume an enormous amount of resources. But in a Blank-enabled world, software is built by machines, in near-zero time, for a negligible cost. These machines are directed by business analysts, visionaries, and creators of every kind that truly understand the need.

Blank implicitly forms a decentralized network of thousands of tightly integrated (but independently owned) apps. It's unique design prevents a few massive players from monopolizing a particular vertical. Instead, a swarm of smaller apps address the needs of the vertical collectively.

Starting with a model of Truth.

Believe it or not, the reason none of this is possible today can be traced back to limitations in the way our programming languages work. And so we're starting from ground zero with a new open-source language called Truth. Truth is currently under heavy development. You can follow progress on GitHub.

Blank is a layer on top of the Truth language that uses a sophisticated reasoning engine to fulfill the world's necessity for machine-built apps. Blank, powered by Truth, will pave the way to a level of technological and economic decentralization that the world has not seen.

Want to get dirty?

Read our technical whitepaper. Note that it assumes a basic knowledge of compiler internals and language design principles.

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