Crypto Crowdfunding Details

Big news! We'll soon be launching our Crypto-Crowdfunding event. Essentially, this will be like any other crowdfunding campaign you've seen on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, except we'll only be accepting ETH (Ether) as payment. In exchange for backing us, you'll receive a white-glove hosting service for the apps you intend to build and deploy to the Blank network. More details on this are to come. In addition to app hosting you'll get some cool perks like educational content and online events to help grow your business. We'll also be giving all hosting accounts a starter supply of BLNK tokens to participate in the network.

Even if you decide to run the open source version of Blank, you're still going to need to host your app's backend somewhere. Servers cost money, especially at scale, and keeping them online with fail-safe redundancy, and updated with the latest security fixes takes effort. There may be reasons why doing this yourself is the right move (such as regulatory compliance). But if you want a completely hands-free experience, this is the way to go.

The campaign is only a few weeks away. Please sign up below to get notification of more detail. If you're a company or reseller looking to buy a large package, please send an email to

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